Round 1 report - Team Time Trial

The first round of the ORRL, held at Weston on the Green by BMCC, was in the format of a Team Time Trial, with 10 teams competing over 25 miles on the night. A strong headwind on the long back straight and across the top of the course meant a hard nights work for the riders.
After 10 laps, the results were in, with G.S.Henley setting the fastest time for the men's competition, with Cowley Road Condors Ladies taking the ladies prize.

Results and pictures below


Pos Club Time Points
1 Henley A 55:35:00 60
2 OTCC 57:07:00 50
3 BMCC 57:08:00 40
4 CRCC A 57:33:00 30
5 DPCC A 58:53:00 20
6 Oxonians 59:32:00 10
7 DPCC B 01:02:03  
8 CRCC B 01:03:05  
9 CRCC Women 01:09:06 20
10 Oxonian Women 01:09:34 10

Open road racing starts next Wednesday at Great Shefford.

"Round 1 of the ORRL - Team Time Trial at WotG 26/5/15"

We are pleased to confirm details of the opening round of the ORRL, which will be a 25 mile "Road rules" Team Time Trial (TTT) at the Weston on the Green closed circuit, hosted by Bicester Millenium Cycling Club. This will include a 9-man Men's event and 5-woman Women's event, both over 25 miles.

Each of the affiliated clubs can enter as many teams as they can muster.

If any clubs are struggling to find 9 men or 5 women, please contact the organiser for guidance, as we would still like you to race! 

Who can race?

This round is only open to the 7 clubs of the league, with no "individual" league points or British Cycling Points available. Points will be awarded towards the overall "Team prize" (more details to follow on the points system).

Mens event - 7 of the 9 riders will need to be full BC race licence holders, up to 2 can have day licences, all at 3rd or 4th category, registered to the named club.

Womens event - 3 of the 5 riders will need to be full BC race licence holders, up to 2 can have day licences at any category, registered to the named club.

What are the "road rules" for the event?

No Time Trial specific bikes or kit

No wheels over 50mm deep,

No tri-bars, clip-ons or similar, and

No Aero helmets! Skin suits are allowed, though.

Teams will start without riders if they do not comply - so don't let your team mates down by trying to bend the rules

If riders are dropped from the team they need to exit the track at the end of the lap - This is a safety requirement - If a rider stays out then the team will be disqualified.

Men - Teams of 9 riders with the time being taken on the 5th Rider

Womens - Teams of 5 with the time being taken on the 3rd Rider

There will be a briefing on the evening about safety and any issues with the course.

How much does the event cost?

The cost is £10 per rider, payable at sign on.

Where is it held?

Weston on the Green air base between Oxford and Bicester. It has a short perimeter road around the edge which will be used for this event. 

(James, Can you highlight on a map link, or something similar?)

On the Day

Sign on Opens 1815 All riders from each team to present to sign on. Don't forget your BC race licence!. No helmet, no ride.

Venue Notes - Sign will take place at the patio area opposite the main entrance to the site

Sign on Closes 1845 we will not accept entries after this time.

First team off 1900

How do we enter teams?

To secure teams, please complete this form (James, please hyperlink and email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. by the 19th May 2015. You will receive your start time and any further instructions thereafter.

Can we bring spectators?

Yes! it would be great to have people cheering the teams on.

For any further inquiries

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The ORRL is a colloboration between the Oxfordshire cycling clubs to bring good quality racing back to our county.

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