Rules and Regs

The Races

The ORRL is a series of races run under British Cycling regulations plus a team time trial.

Races are organised, hosted and promoted in the normal way by individual cycling clubs, under BC regulations.
They are races in their own right, but also part of the ORRL.

Entry Criteria

  • All races are open to Senior and Junior male 3rd and 4th category and Senior and Junior female riders of all categories, with a full BC racing licence or holders of a BC day licence
  • Races are open to all - not just riders or clubs from Oxfordshire, or the central region, or the affiliated clubs (but note priority entry below)
  • Participation in the League (i.e. League points as opposed to BC points) is open only to members of the affiliated clubs
  • In the event that a rider from an ORRL-affiliated club gains promotion to 2nd category after having participated in at least one ORRL race as a 3rd or 4th category rider, that rider is entitled to continue to participate in the League; the rider will earn League points, but not BC points. If the rider is not from an ORRL-affiliated club, they will not be entitled to continue to race
  • In the event that a race is over-subscribed, priority entry is given in the following order:
  1. to riders from the clubs who are hosting ORRL races
  2. if having excluded riders who are not members of clubs hosting ORRL races the race is still over-subscribed, then each ORRL club is capped in proportion to the number of ORRL-affiliated clubs of the maximum field e.g. if the maximum field is 60 riders, then any one club is entitled to up to 10 entrants.>
  3. to riders who have already scored League points (as opposed to BC points) at the time the field is selected
  4. To riders from Central region clubs

Beyond that, it is at the discretion of the race organisers to select on the criteria of their choosing, but it is anticipated that organisers will favour riders from clubs who promote races

  • The BC online entry system to be used; online entry will close a fortnight before the race, at which point the field will be selected
  • It is anticipated that there will be a reserve list of 5-10 riders, but it is up to each race organiser to choose if they want a reserve list, and how many should be on the reserve list
  • Entry On the Line (EOL) will be available if there are still places available on the day

BC Points

  • The races are all classified as Regional B
  • Closed circuit races (points band 5, first 10 places earn BC points, 10 for the winner)
  • Open road races (points band 4, first 10 places earn BC points, 15 for the winner).


ORRL Points

The ORRL points are awarded as follows (no differentiation between crit race or road race):

Male Seniors and Juniors   Female Seniors and Juniors 
1st 15 pts         1st 15 pts
2nd 12 pts   2nd 12 pts
3rd 10 pts   3rd 10 pts
4th 8 pts   4th 8 pts
5th 6 pts   5th 6 pts
6th 5 pts   6th 5 pts
7th 4 pts   7th 4 pts
8th 3 pts   8th 3 pts
9th 2 pts   9th 2 pts
10th 1 pts   10th 1 pts

There are no points for participating but not placing.

Team Time Trial

The time of the fastest team from each club is taken (if a club enters two or more teams, the time of the slower team is ignored)
The fastest club earns 15 points for the club ranking, the second-fastest club earns 12 points and so on

There are five League “tables”; a rider’s best 4 results count towards these tables:

  • The  male riders in order of the total points they have scored
  • The female riders in order of the total points they have scored
  • The under 23 riders in order of the total points they have scored
  • The club men's ranking based on the aggregate points scored by male riders from each club, plus the points from the men's Team Time Trial
  • The club women's ranking based on the aggregate points scored by female riders from each club, plus the points from the women's Team Time Trial

Points available for each team:

  • 1st - 40 points
  • 2nd- 35
  • 3rd – 30
  • 4th – 25
  • 5th – 20
  • 6th – 15
  • 7th – 10
  • 8th – 5


  • Individual races – it is up to the race organisers to propose the prizes available for their race
  • ORRL – there will be prizes awarded for League winners, but who / what is TBC


Joining the league

  • The League would very much welcome other clubs in the region joining the League. The requirement is to organise, promote and host a road race as part of the League, and to pay a £100 affiliation fee. It is our hope to grow the League substantially, over time, from the current races.
  • The aim is not to bring existing races into the League; the objective is to create new races. The emphasis is on providing mid-week evening races, (although if a club wanted to offer a weekend race that would be fine) in May, June and July.
  • Please contact League President Jonny Revis of Cowley Road Condors (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) if you are interested in your club joining the League.


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The ORRL is a colloboration between the Oxfordshire cycling clubs to bring good quality racing back to our county.

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